Sunday, September 10, 2006

You can't make this stuff up

Yesterday, I went on a challenging hike. That was probably obvious from my previous post. What I wish I could have made up happened after the hike.

My family and I were driving to WalMart. During the car ride, I mentioned, "I'm not going to hike again until after my 5K. I don't want to fall and hurt myself so I'll be unable to run. I've trained too hard to miss the race because of injury. After all, a hike is just one long trip hazard."

As I'm just walking in the parking lot just about to step up on the curb, I twist my ankle in a pothole and do a face plant. OK, so not a face plant, but I did land oh-so-gracefully on the ground. After the first "I was just standing just a second ago" thought, I got up and dusted myself off and tried to become invisible. (Note: WalMart + 1pm + Saturday = not invisible at all!) Three or four people came to see if I was OK, and one told me to fill out an accident report (so I could sue them? That's a whole other post, I'm sure).

Yesterday my left ankle, right knee, left hip and back were sore. It's 18 hours later and whatever damage I did during the fall should be apparent by now. This morning, just my bruised knee and the soreness that comes from running (5K in 45 minutes flat today!).

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow, but maybe I'll go hiking instead. It's probably safer.


Eileen said...

Padding, that's what you need. Lots and lots of padding(like the skate board kids wear).
See ya on the 16th!

Marla said...

congrats on 5k in 45 minutes! awesome! glad u didn't get hurt worse....what a bummer...i do stuff like that too!

Rondadebi said...

Debby....OMgos g/ have made my day......5k is 3.1 miles..ok then..I'm happy...for some reason I was thinking 5k was 6.25 but it's the 10k huh? I feel much better now.....your such an inspiration.....good for you!!!!!!.....oh if I was near you..I would be standing on the line cheering you on..I think that is so awesome about your running this weekend.......your so awesome....I hope you and I can become great friends....hugs.....and thanks for stoppping at my blog.....and no I didn't make that quilt on the mother did last year for is beautiful isn't it?!..I know I sure love it....

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby. It is Betty-Jo from MIH. I am so enjoying your blog. You are too funny. I look forward to reading more. Have a blessed rest of your weekend.