Sunday, January 14, 2007

Photos from the Pit of Despair

Have you ever completely lost track of time? I have. Anything that happened between September and New Year is all one big haze.

I'm starting to pull photos off my camera from that haze.

This is one from the gift pile. I made it from my 1-1/2 inch strip bin. It's been done a long time but I gave it away last fall. A woman in my Bible study group fell down and broke both of her legs. I hope this quilt brightens up her rehabilitation.

My husband's co-workers got married in October and I gave them a cream Turning Twenty quilt. I guess I took this as a before picture. I never got around to an 'after' picture.

This next quilt was a 'why didn't I ever finish this?' project. I pieced and quilted the quilt one weekend maybe last summer, but I never bound it. Another set of my husband's co-workers got married and I quickly bound this quilt for their wedding present.

This is another one from the gift pile. I took six 1/2-yard cuts and made a quickie rail fence a year or so ago. My husband's little cousin had another baby so this went into the mail. This cousin was 8 years old when I started dating my husband, so it's just WRONG that he's now old enough to be a really wonderful man with 2 children. Wrong, I say.

My poor mother-in-love has had two hip replacements in the last few months. She is recovering well. She was in so much pain before that the surgeries were an immediate improvement. I pulled out my batik fat quarters and made her a Yellow Brick Road for her birthday. It took me a while to place the room in the photo -- it's her family room. I must have taken the photo when we were visiting for Thanksgiving.

Some trends:

Most of the quilts I make are simple (photographs do not lie).

Most of the quilts I make are given away.

Most of the quilts I make and give away are given as graduation presents.

My son is in his second year of college and has some pretty good friends there. Over Christmas he realized that these new friends are missing something that his old friends have -- quilts. So I am now in the process of making "sorry I didn't know you when you graduated from high school" quilts. Here's one that was also made from my 1-1/2 inch scrap bucket:

This last photo is an all-purple all-batik Turning Twenty made as a Christmas present for a friend. She loved it.

Blogger has decided that this is a sufficient number of photos for one post. I'll try and add more in another post at another time.

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Marla said...

even though you say your quilts are simple, i love to see the pics!!