Saturday, January 20, 2007


We live in the woods. I mention that often. We have a sizeable front yard (about an acre). To say that we have a lot of leaves to rake is an incredible understatement. We've been in this house for about five years, and not once have we (meaning, my husband*) completely raked the front yard. I'm sure we are the subject of much neighborhood talk, being the new trashy neighbors who don't take proper care of their yard. We've concentrated on much more frivolous matters in our time here, such as plumbing, the well, missing floors and ceillings, heat issues, a roof, etc. Maybe someday we'll work on the yard, but I wouldn't hold my breath. A lot of our neighbors have their houses close to the road with manicured front yards -- we're further back and feel like God does the landscaping so why should we bother?

Anyway, we had some wonderfully warm days around Christmas (like 70 degrees!) and while I was inside coughing and sneezing and generally feeling lousy, my husband spent much of his Christmas vacation outside raking. He didn't finish the yard, but it looked much better than it ever has since we moved here. I'm so proud of him and his efforts. The unusually warm winter has given him many more opportunities to tend the yard.

Thursday night, something strange happened. White flakes began falling from the sky. We weren't sure exactly what it was, but it sure was pretty (and the unraked leaves were hidden from sight).

Friday morning:

Saturday morning:

Will the leaves be once again covered in white? Or will it return to leaf-raking weather? I have no idea, so stay tuned.

Please notice that the date on my camera has been changed. Unfortunately, I cannot read a calendar, so the date is one day ahead. Maybe I'll try and fix it again, or maybe I'll pop the batteries out and let the date return to 1999. We'll see.

*in case anyone had ideas that I, possibly, could help rake the yard, please think again. I am a married woman with a credit card and a cell phone: I don't plunge, shovel, rake, or change tires. I can, however, restart our furnace in less than 45 seconds (just in case I seem completely useless).

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Marla said...

your aversion to the outdoors makes me smile! :)