Saturday, January 20, 2007

Random Fact

I was a Camp Fire Girl. Not just a Blue Bird in grade school, either. I went all the way through until I finished high school. I earned my WoHeLo Medallion the same time my brother-in-law earned his Eagle Scout.

One of the pledges from the Camp Fire Girls was:

To have fun
To learn to make things
To remember to finish what I begin
To keep my temper most of the time
To learn about nature and living outdoors
To have adventures with people, places, and things
To make friends

Thirty years later I still remember this, but if you ask me my cell phone number, I'm clueless.

Thirty years later, I'm finally trying to do part of this -- the finishing part, of course.

I made a sample for the local quilt shop this week, but forgot to photograph it before they hung it up. I used this pattern and fabric:

The pattern was so fun and easy, I went through my stash and made this quilt:

It will probably be a wedding gift. Great pattern -- check it out.

A few years ago I ran a quilt group at my church. I have a pile of unfinished tops that I'm slowly working my way through. This was the latest:

I just rejoined my local quilt guild. My membership lapsed due to competing times. I had a Wednesday night obligation that just ended, so I get to go back to my quilting friends. Last week at the guild meeting, we worked on English paper piecing and were each given a kit for this:

Remembering my Camp Fire credo, I finished it the next day instead of adding it to the UFO pile. (BTW, it's a pincushion).


telfair said...

Ha...most days I can't remember my cellphone number, either.

Gorgeous quilts!!

KCQuilter said...

I had to program my own cell number into my cell phone so when someone asked for my number, I could look it up!!! How sad is that? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marla said...

the pledges sound like good advice! that's cool that you can do fun quilting stuff wednesdays.