Thursday, June 26, 2008

for Jenny

The quilt pattern I've made the most of is one of my own. It's terribly simple. I make 160 four-patches from my 2-inch square basket and then set them with 160 off-white squares. There are 20 rows of 16 squares. I add 6-inch borders and the quilt is 60x72 inches, a perfect size for snuggling in a college dorm. I've probably made 15-20 of these quilts, just because the scrap bins keep overflowing.

This one is for Jenny:

I have 3-4 more of these tops just waiting to be quilted.

I know I should retire this pattern at some point, but it's so easy and there are so many little scraps of fabric longing to be part of a quilt someday.

And yes, my son came home from college on Saturday for the sole purpose of holding my quilts for photography.


I'm trying to finish up a bunch of sewing projects that have taken up my dining room table for far too long. My hope is to make some real progress every day.

Today I finished piecing a quilt top that I cannot show you yet. The second I have permission to do so, I shall. My husband says it looks just like me. I'll let you wonder if that's good or bad.

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PKM said...

Hey Deb!
I love that quilt too. I might make it soon also, using black in between of course! The quilt for Jenny is really pretty!

Love you,
Your favorite lawyer.