Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Word of the Day



The Calico Cat said...

Are you working at Hershey? (I think we are going on Saturday & may be there all day as we have reservations for dinner at the Hotel.)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the comment Debby! i wanted to reply to your comment, but you don't have it set so I could (noreply@blogger.com...argh!) So here I am posting a comment on your blog. I am laughing my head off at your blog entries. You are a HOOT! We also have so much in common. I also devour books on CD and MP3 non-stop...I put you in my daily reads so I can catch up with what is going on with you. Thanks!

Niki said...

I'd love to have you join me and other quilters on my new quilt blog list! Please give me a link back if you join up. Kindly, Niki