Monday, June 02, 2008

Three Dog Night?

No, but it has been a Three Book Day.

Killer Instinct by Joseph Finder was a mixed bag for me. I absolutely adored Power Play when I read it in the fall. Sometimes I have to work all night and listening to a book helps the time pass more quickly. That wasn't the case with Power Play. I didn't have to work all night. I started listening to the book late in the day and had to stay up and work until 3-4am so I could finish the book. It was that good. Killer Instinct was more uncomfortable for me. It had a 'Very Bad Things (movie)' feel to it. It resolved itself by the end. I almost bailed on it a few times and I'm glad I stuck with it. I almost finished the book yesterday when driving to and from New Jersey and brought it to the studio to finish while working today. Oh, and one of the discs was scratched. I had to get the book out of the library to find out what happened. Can you imagine? Actually reading? What's next?

Abigail's Story by Ann Burton. It was the story of Abigail from the Bible. OK, so it was the author's loose interpretation of what might have been her story. It was an interesting take on the situation and I enjoyed listening on my MP3 player while cutting up fabric last night. I finished this book today while working as well.

School's Out -- Forever by James Patterson. I waited over a year for this cd set from the library. It's a great series about genetically recombined teenagers. Worth the wait. If you haven't started this series yet, why not now? Start with Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.

I have more work to do tonight, so I have another book lined up. Hopefully it will carry me through the evening. Did I mention that I have quite a bit more work to do tonight?

I'm taking a couple of long flights in the near future so I'll catch up on my sleep then.

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