Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I finally figured out what to do with those sweet posy applique blocks:

I added some super-bright nine-patches! (See, I don't only make brown quilts.) I have more applique and more piecing to do, but I also have some wonderful ideas for the border.

I give away probably 40-50 quilts each year. This one will be saved for a grandbaby. Of mine!When I showed this quilt to my son and daughter-in-love, she loved it. He, however, had a question:

"So, how does this work?"

I said, "Well, you see, you give me a grandbaby, and I give you this quilt." Simple, right?

He gave me that look that only adult sons can give their mothers and said slowly, "But the flower blocks are bigger than the other blocks. How do they fit together?"


I proceeded to explain that when you applique, it's a good idea to make the background square a little larger and then trim it down when you are done. I just hadn't done that yet.

I ended the conversation with, "But I was serious about that grandbaby."


Head on over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is doing.


Darx said...

I really cannot imagine you being a grandma, but then I still kind of have a hard time wrapping my mind around you having a grown up married son, too! :) I love the quilt and hope that your grandbaby dreams come true at exactly the right time :)

Diane said...

cute quilt. I have one made for my 1st grandchild....I'm starting to think that I may have jinxed myself...mine are all about careers and having fun..what the heck.

Karen S said...

love those bright colors.

Sunny said...

LOL! Very cute quilt and story about it.

Big Rig John said...

Most quilters are happy to be able to have finished the baby quilt before the child is a year old! After the quilt is finished are you going to start creating a nursery at your place? (they might start to get the hint) - When we talked you did mention the bad storms and power outages that you were having - SO.... maybe you just might get a Grandbaby out of one of these storms. Nine months after the Blizzard in Buffalo (all those many years ago) the maternity wards were full!

Big Rig John said...
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