Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last weekend my husband and I were supposed to be on vacation in Washington, DC. We cancelled a week before, just because the thought of going away was stressful. Then I got sick. We felt kind of smart for cancelling our trip, since I wouldn't have been able to go anyway. Then Washington, DC got hit with a paralyzing snowstorm and we felt positively brilliant for cancelling our plans!

The snow has caught up with us, however, and we are home today expecting 8-12 inches of snow. It's not a huge deal, and snow days are fun even for grownups!

I am still working, but not a full-speed today. If you have some spare time, like I do, check out Quilter blogs. It's a wealth of quilty information! Warning: only do this if you have spare time. You could spend hours and hours looking at all of the great blogs.


Diane said...

I love the snow-so long as the power stays on!

Bonnie said...

You get extra points for canceling your DC trip. Metro hasn't been working since the weekend. No one is going any where. Schools are out, feds are out. It is a total mess down there. I have many friends on facebook from Maryland and I've seen the pictures and heard the horror stories. And most of them are so sick of snow they can't see straight!
Give yourself some gold stars for skipping that night mare! B.