Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday finish -- Sarah's quilt

Our house, instead of emptying, seems to be getting fuller. Our youngest is away at college, but she comes home for breaks. Our son graduated from college and works as a teacher, but he and his wife live with us now. My daughter-in-love has a dear friend who has quickly become one of the family. She spends a great deal of time here and is quite the quilt admirer. She knows I give quilts away for high school graduations, weddings, and babies. Well, she graduated a few years ago, isn't getting married, and no babies are in the near future but she desperately wants a quilt. Conveniently, she turned 21 recently. Here's her quilt:

and the back:

I would tell you that the yellow was a design choice, but the truth is that I used every. single. inch. of the turquoise fabric and it still wasn't large enough for the quilt. Quilts that are 72x80 are difficult to back!!!!

Now, for the details:

used 90 10-inch squares (cut from scraps)
4 yards turquoise backing + 1/2 yard yellow

She loved it!

And we love having her at our house!


Diane said...

It's a great quilt. My son's girlfriend got one of my quilts this summer..for no reason..she nearly cried and almost made me cry she was so appreciative.

Darx said...

It's beautiful!

Quiltsmiles said...

Love the quilting you did on this. Your quilt is a Beautiful inspiration, thanks. Did you quilt it or send it out?
Beautiful even with your backing! That just makes it sparkle.

Judy said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt. What fabulous colors! I love to give my quilts to people who love them and don't expect them.

the writer said...

What a pretty quilt. It is so bright & colorful to see, especially since I have 14" of snow to look at out my windows!