Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Porch Tuesday?

I strongly dislike summer. My central air conditioning hasn't worked in the 9 summers we've owned this house, and it's not even close to the top of our house To-Do list. I bought a window unit for my office/studio and camp out in there during the worst parts of summer. The past ten days have been awful. I don't think we've been below 90-degrees, and we had a run of four or five days between 97- and 102-degrees. It was, in a word, yukky.

I tend to wake with the sun and sometimes that means I have several loads of laundry hanging on the line by 6am. Yesterday morning was one of those days. As I was hanging clothes, I noticed a nocturnal companion:

My shoe is in the bottom of the photo for scale. I adore luna moths, and this was close enough to make my day!


Diane said...

very pretty.
I would sleep under my sewing table if that's where the A/C was.

Big Rig John said...

Mother Nature sure gives us some wonderful sights! Stay cool and happy quilting!

Kim said...

Get some sleep!