Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Finish -- Bill's quilt

When I said that I had cut thousands of 5-inch squares from my scraps, you may have been tempted to think I was exaggerating. I promise you that I was not.

Here is more proof:

The quilt is 66x66 inches square. The front was made from scrap 5-inch squares. The backing was donated by a friend. The kind of friend who says, "Please take this awful fabric out of my sewing room so I don't ever have to think about it again." In case you think that the fabric doesn't match the front of the quilt, let me asssure you that it matches the recipient perfectly. He's a relative who had some extensive surgery earlier this week. I hope this brightens his day just a little.

May you have a speedy recovery, Bill!


Big Rig John said...

Debby - since you seem to have SO many 5 inch squares - maybe you should create a square report to compliment your stash report! ME THINKS - you have more 5 inch squares buried in your sewing room then you do yardage!!

bettyp said...

Oh! That turned out really nice and I do think he will enjoy it!!! What a great friend you have to give you fabric!!!

Diane said...

very nice, Love the back as well as the front.

wendy0808 said...

LOVE the backing. And the quilting is fabulous! Such beautiful work. Glad you can't see my quilts :)

Kim said...

Okay so that ugly fish fabric found
a home......just as long as its out of my sewing room :0) usually YOU made it special!

You got the touch Debby :0)!

Happy Sewing