Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

fabric purchased this week: 0
fabric purchased this year: 20.75 yards
fabric used this week: 5.75 yards
fabric used this year: 145 yards

Stash reduced by: 124.25 yards
Lucky Charms part 7

Lucky Charms part 8

Lucky Charms part 9


Darx said...

I only just realized, these stats leave out a possibly interesting/embarrassing number: % by which stash is decreased each week ;) Of course, that would mean... yeah, I know why you don't go there. Still, makes me wonder :)

debby said...

I know how much fabric I have = too much! Fortunately I have 15 friends getting married this year and five friends have already had babies. Much fabric will go to celebration quilts and leave my sewing room!

Kate said...

Not sure I'd want to comtemplate what Darx suggested either. Great stash busting this year.