Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exciting News!

I just saw this on Facebook:

This is my first look at my new DVDs.  They were released today at Quilt Market in Houston.  I am SO EXCITED!!!

These are all about quilting on Hazel, my sweet Sweet Sixteen.  The titles (as best I can see them) are:

  • Sit-down Longarm Quilting:  Getting Started
  • Sit-down Longarm Quilting:  Quilting Blocks and Borders
  • Sit-down Longarm Quilting:  Using Rulers and Templates
  • Sit-down Longarm Quilting:  Thread (work?)

I arrive in Houston right as Quilt Market closes on Monday evening, but these will be at the Handi Quilter booth during Quilt Festival.  

I filmed in August in Salt Lake City.  I have no idea what the final product looks like.  Filming is such a weird experience.  Behind the scenes, crazy things can happen.  Some things work really, really well.  Some things....  well, some things don't.

The fellas in the crew were great!  I had so much fun working with them:

If you watch the videos, you will see me calmly sitting at the machine.  What you don't see is what I do when I finish with one demonstration and start with the next one:

Yes, I just chucked everything on the floor!  The magic of television (DVDs, actually).

One camera was focused on my face, and the other camera was focused on my hands.  I had a tough time remembering which camera to look into; first it was the one on the left and then it was the one on the right -- ugh!  I eventually threw the camera man my cell phone cover so that I could talk directly to....:

Hello Kitty!

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Kim said...

How cool...when will you actually get to view one?

YOU rock!

Happy Sewing and safe travels