Friday, October 25, 2013

Final Countdown for Houston

I leave for Houston in 72 hours. Bah!!!

I am finishing up my class quilt kits (5 sold out classes require nearly 150 kits!!!) and made a run to the local batting factory for a few rolls. I am so grateful that I can pick up batting locally and not pay the ridiculously high shipping charges. I appreciate the savings and pass them along to my students.

I know from experience that my car will hold 5 rolls of batting if I unbox them at the factory. Today I only needed 2 rolls so they fit easily.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty mat in the back of my car. My sister bought it for me, thinking I'd use it in my bathroom but I love seeing it every time I open my hatch!


Eileen said...

Okay, you have to tell me where you get batting locally!
Have a great time in Houston, try to fit in some relaxing you time. Don't try to work 24/7, even thought that's what you always do.

debby said...

I am teaching 3 full days at Houston, plus 2 demos for Crafty's Open Studio, and 1 demo for Handi Quilter. Relaxing won't happen until I get back home. Batting is from Fairfield in Danbury, CT.

Eileen said...

Thanks, Debby. Call when you can, when you'll be home for a while.

Kim said...

Safe travels and Happy sewing..I know all those students are gonna love their time with you! You go girl...knock em dead with quilty knowledge!