Thursday, July 09, 2015

Another Cat Is Out Of The Bag

There have been periods of silence on this blog recently as I worked on projects that had to remain secret for a while.  Today, I can share another one of my secrets!  I am excited to unveil my newly re-done website:  Debbybrownquilts!

I encourage you to visit my new site soon.  All of the links aren't working yet, but you can see an exhibit of some of my quilts in my Gallery.  The current exhibit features quilts that have been auctioned to raise money for quilting charities and shows quilts like this one:

Lucky Charms 2011
from Focus on the Center by Pat Sloan
Check back regularly because the collection of quilts in the Gallery is subject to change without notice.

On my website, you can see if I'll be teaching at a quilt shop, guild, or show near you on my Events Page.

You can sign up for my Newsletter.

Or you can just find a discount link to my Craftsy class.

If you have questions about the links that are marked Coming Soon, I will answer with a "Patience, Grasshopper."  I remain hard at work planning more surprises.

The Great and Powerful Zoë from Snap Retail helped me put all of this together for you.  It is Zoë's birthday this week.  I sent her a virtual hug (a quilt):

Everybody wish Zoë a Happy Birthday!

If you want to have Zoë or one of her co-workers help you with your website and marketing needs, Contact Me for a link for a free trial! 


Doreen Auger said...

This is a huge CONGRATS to cover all the fab stuff goin' on in your world!!!!! All well deserved!!! Hugs...........

debby said...

Thanks! The best news is yet to come!