Sunday, July 19, 2015

So Much Fabric, So Little Time!

Have you ever been drowning in fabric?  It may be a happy way to go, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amount of quilts I have unstarted, in process, or in my drawing pad.

How will I ever finish them all???

When I was on vacation in Florida earlier this year, I found the answer:

My Fabric Acquisition is no longer Beyond my Life Expectancy*.  I'll be forever young and will be able to quilt forever!

*FABLE = Fabric Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.


Paula Reid said...

And you brought some back for all of your fabricholic friends, right? I always call my stash STABLE: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy -- think I like FABLE better!

debby said...

FYI: it was warm and gross. I'm helping you by not giving it to you. You are welcome.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

ha ha......good to

debby said...

I guess I'll finally be able to finish all of the hand appliqué quilts I've started!

Bonnie said...

Wait, I tell folks to keep up their stash acquisition -- think of it as retirement investing! I did ok acquiring fabric before retiring but I failed to get pieces for backings. So, I buy backings, white on whites and a few fun fabrics. My focus now is finishing UFOs. I'm making some progress actually. I like your new look.

debby said...


Trust me, I haven't stopped buying fabric; I've just devised a plan to live forever and use every last thread!

My new look? It is my new "It's hot and sunny in Florida and I have to wear a big ol' hat because my pasty white skin is delicate" hair-do.