Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jinny Beyer White Oak Basket

I recently finished another block in my Jinny Beyer block of the month quilt.

This White Oak Basket makes me happy and sad.  I'm happy because of the appliqued handle. I really, REALLY like that deep handle.  I'm sad because of the basket brim.  I didn't get it cut just right.  I'm going to leave it but I'm not going to be thrilled with that part of this quilt ever.

Even though the optional applique might cover up the basket brim that makes me unhappy, I am choosing to not applique flowers onto this block.  I'm working with the "done is better than perfect" philosophy.

1 comment:

Doreen Auger said...

A bit self-critical are we?????????? Once included with the others........you know the rest.