Thursday, September 17, 2015

There's Always Room for One More

 I love the busy autumn months when the weather becomes cooler, the leaves change color, and I'm ridiculously busy running from quilt show to store event to quilt guild.  I look forward to this season every year, but I never remember the hecticness of it until it starts again.  Well, it started again.

When I am not traveling to teach, I am home working furiously to support all of the upcoming events.  Every minute counts and I don't have a second to waste.

Which makes this the perfect time to start a new quilt!

Pat Sloan issued a Quilt Challenge to her quilting friends:  use your scraps to make her Little Wishes quilt.  It's a FREE PATTERN.  Pat has even added a give-away for those who post a photo of a block or quilt on her website.

I love scraps.  

I love free.  

This was a no-brainer.

I made one block with bright colors:

I dug through my orphan block collection and found eleven other blocks in this black/white/bright color palette.  I will eventually stitch them into a baby quilt.

I made one block in blacks and browns:

I will eventually make 15 more of these and set them with green fabric for a manly throw quilt.

Are you ridiculously busy at this time of the year?  Consider starting this new quilt challenge.  Quilting helps balance out our lives.

There are 67 days until I finish my last teaching commitment for 2015.  My challenge to myself:  try to start less than 67 more projects!

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