Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Splendid Sampler -- Bonus Block

In less than a week, the first block of The Splendid Sampler will post, but oh, the waiting!  Pat and Jane took pity on all of us who are tapping our feet, waiting.  They posted instructions for a Bonus Block and a Folding Block Station.  Eagerly, I cut into my lovely Meadowbloom fabrics and made the first block:

I am absolutely in love with this little block and can't wait to make 100 more of them over the next year!

Did you make the Bonus Block for The Splendid Sampler?  Did you make the Folding Block Station?  Are you anxiously waiting for Sunday when the first of 100 blocks goes live?

Participants are sharing their photos of this block HERE.  Enjoy scrolling through all of the lovely blocks!

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