Friday, September 16, 2016

Cutie Quilt -- Fenced In Wedding Quilt

My nephew recently* got married and I made him a wedding quilt of his bride's choosing.  The bride chose my Fenced In Cutie Pattern, queen sized, in neutral cool colors.

This is the result:

The original Fenced In pattern makes a smaller quilt, but I doubled everything and added enough border to make it fit their bed.  Fortunately, it was easy math!

I will admit that when the bride said "neutral, cool colors" I was stumped for a while.  Then I remembered my Be Cool FabuLux thread:

What could be more neutral or cool than this turquoise, light lime, and gray thread?  I took the thread to the Quilt Basket and picked out some American Made Brand solid fabrics to match the thread:

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ribbon candy quilting.  This quilt SCREAMED for ribbon candy quilting but I wanted to keep this quilt neutral and calming so I quilted a simple swirl all over.  The Be Cool thread looked great on this quilt!

 The bride isn't a quilter but one of her first comments was "Does this thread change colors?  I've never seen that before.  How cool!"  Dear Nephew, keep this woman!!!

*By recently I mean about 14 months ago.  Don't judge me.


Sue Hilton said...

The pattern is so even. Is it all free motion?

Vireya said...

Cool result!