Friday, September 09, 2016

From the Vault -- Meadow Breeze quilt

Way back in 2010, the fabulous Pat Sloan offered and online block of the month called Meadow Breeze.  I, in my "I will live forever and easily be able to finish all of my hand applique projects" way, decided to hand applique this quilt.  Needle-turn, even!

I started strong but slowed down over time and eventually put the project aside.  I am going through all of the projects in my sewing room and trying to deal with them.  I discovered this project in its half-done state and decided it was done enough.  I put together the bits that were finished and called it good enough.

I added some very simple background quilting in white and golden yellow.  Last year, my dear mother-in-law saw this in pieces and kept repeating "I really love this quilt!"  Well, I took a hint and recently gave it to her for her birthday.

My quilt is missing some applique in the borders, but my in-laws both declared it "our favorite quilt yet!"

Thanks for a great quilt along, Pat!!!

I'm off to dig through my sewing room and find some other golden oldie unfinished quilts!

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