Saturday, May 06, 2017

Batting, Batting EVERYWHERE!

I'm so excited to be involved in the Spring Clean Your Studio blog hop again this year!

I've been working hard on improving my studio space this year.

Being a WonderFil thread designer, I own a lot of thread:

No, reallly -- a LOT of thread:

This is only the thread that's on display.  There's so. Much. MORE!

I've kept my cutting table clear for most of the year:

I've added a new sewing machine and a design wall to my studio:

I love my design wall more than I can possibly express.

I'm a high-volume quilter and I have been for many, many years.  I make a lot of samples of my Cutie Quilt Patterns.  I make a lot of quilts as gifts.  I make a lot of charity quilts. I have developed systems to deal with my fabric scraps and I'm 80% (ok, 75%) on top of them.

But there are other scraps produced by high-volume quilters -- batting scraps!

I use many types of batting and have bags of leftovers in various locations in my sewing room.  I try to join my scraps by hand stitching, machine stitching, or fusible tape and use the "Franken-batts" in charity quilts.  A few years ago I started sorting my batting scraps by type, but then I ended up with a bag of wool scraps, a bag of cotton scraps, a bag of polyester scraps, etc.  The bags were taking over!

Pet beds to the rescue!  I sorted through my scrap bags of battings and filled several pet beds with the small pieces.  The animal shelter is happy, and so am I.

I gathered all of the remaining large batting scraps into one bag:

I hope to keep making pet beds from my batting scraps so that my batting always fits into one IKEA bag.

I now store that single bag under Sergio, my suave and debonair Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen.

But what shall I do with all of the empty bags?

Thanks for visiting my studio today.

Check back daily for my Spring Cleaning inspiration!

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doni said...

What a great idea for IKEA bags - batting is indeed the ONLY thing you can fill it with and still be able to carry it!!! A good corral - I'm going to use that! Thanks. doni @ Oregon coast