Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Go With The Flow

I've decided that I need to make more Go With The Flow Cutie quilts.  It pieces up so quickly and looks much more difficult than it is.

I just finished this Go With The Flow quilt using Thicket fabric:

This was a Christmas present for a special young lady (don't look at the current date, and if you do -- DON'T JUDGE ME!).  My daughter's friend named the pattern for me and loves this Thicket fabric.  This quilt was the perfect quilt for her!

I finished the quilt, let her know the quilt was finished, left town , and when I returned the quilt was GONE!

Be careful, quilt thieves are everywhere.  Especially when your daughter routinely does her laundry at your house.

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Crystal_235 said...

Love it!!