Thursday, September 14, 2017


August was a great month of travel for me, but it ended in a whimper.  And a crash.  Everything I touched broke and needed to be repaired or replaced.  With the western part of the US on fire, Texas underwater from Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma poised to strike, I laughed at how small my problems were.  Even still, they were problems.

September started with an infusion for me, so I didn't feel well while doing the work to repair or replace everything I own.


Replacing everything one owns can be a tad spendy.

Here's the rundown:

My tumble dryer
I have a very simple laundry routine and rarely use my clothes dryer but my daughter visits weekly just to do her laundry.  Labor Day is a great time to need a new appliance because of the sales, so we bought a new one and it was delivered last week.  My daughter tested it over the weekend and apparently it works just fine.

Hearing Aid
I wear hearing aids to amplify regular noises and also to cancel out tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  My left hearing aid stopped working.  I could hear fair-to-middling well with my right ear, not so well with my left ear, and the ringing in my left ear was causing me to bang my head against the wall in frustration.  I managed to get an appointment and expected to have them send the hearing aid out for repair.  Color me shocked when it was an electrical connection problem and I left after 10 minutes with better hearing and no more ringing!
(FREE -- but was willing to pay whatever)

The day of my infusion last week, my phone died.  No texts, no phone calls, no data.  I could get on the internet if I had wifi, but that was all.  I stopped at the phone store on my way home from the hearing aid appointment.  They offered to sell me a new phone (nooooooo!!! -- I don't want to mess around with learning a new phone) but ended up replacing my non-working SIM card.
(FREE, but I will need a new phone soonish)

Phone Mount for Tripod
When I film my FaceBook Live videos, I mount my phone on a tripod.  I took this tripod on a family vacation so we could take family portraits, but the Phone Mount was broken during transport.  I brought a camera that mounts directly to the tripod so we were still able to get some fun family photos, but I needed to buy a new Phone Mount.

Apple Watch
When I flew to London last month, as soon as I got to Heathrow I noticed that the face popped off of my Apple Watch.  I haven't worn it since.  I don't live near an Apple store and last week I finally was able to get to one to drop the watch off for repair.  Hopefully I'll get it back next week.
(FREE -- Apple Care)

Every two years, whether I need it or not, I have to buy a new computer.  I've had hard drives corrupted, electrical inputs die, and once my computer kind of melted (the fan died and it overheated A LOT).  This was another hard drive death.  I only like technology when it works; when it doesn't work, I'm a frustrated, angry mess with less than pleasant language.  While I was dropping off my Apple Watch at the mall in the next state I saw a Microsoft store.  This followed me home (affiliate link*):

After struggling to save my files and uninstall/reinstall some programs, I started having fun learning to use this.  Did you notice the incredibly fine $ art work above?  I drew that on my computer.  Be impressed.

Postage Scale
When I move my postage scale, it rattles.  What makes it rattle are the broken parts that bring electricity to the device.  Fortunately, it also runs on batteries.  I can't face fixing/replacing another thing because my brain hurts right now.

I still have non-wheeling suitcases, a dodgy generator, a non-working snowblower, a 43 year old deck, a 43 year old bathroom, a 43 year old kitchen, a 43 year old driveway.... well, you get the point.

I will work on those as I regrow brain cells.

Have you ever had everything break on you at once?  In a life without many problems, this is the pits.
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Frog Quilter said...

I feel your pain. Focus on the positive in your blessed life. Hugs.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Oh dear. That is usually how it goes for me-if I have car trouble, I am sure to have something break at home. And, vice versa. Unfortunately, when my electronics go out I do not handle that well. I guess I feel entitled for them to work based on the initial cost and ongoing cost. Oh well. We are fortunate to have them in the first place. Hope you have a better week. mary

kupton52 said...

There's alot of truth to that old adage "when it rains, it pours". Try to think of positive things in your life...and always remember, as bad as things could be worse! I was hit in a head-on collision last month...I was fine but it took the other guy's (who was totally at fault) insurance company a MONTH to repair my car...the day after I got my car back I fell in my studio, broke my leg and dislocated my foot. So this month I've had surgery on the leg---steel plate and screws for a lifetime---and go back to dr in 2 weeks for surgery on foot. After a bout of whining and feeling sorry for myself ( the boredom and immobility are maddening) I figure it could have been worse----I could have broken my neck! I really am feeling your pain, though. This, too, shall pass-----for both of us. Blessings....kathy in WV