Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcome Home!

As a traveling quilt teacher, I travel for as little as a day at a time and as much as 37 days at a time (only once; never again).  The average, though, is 4-5 days away.  My last trip had me away from home for 7 days.  This was on top of 3 weeks away and 2 weeks of medical treatment.  To say I was missing my quilting time is an extreme understatement!

My first day at home, I decided that extreme quilt therapy was in order.  I grabbed one of my "waiting to be quilted" Cutie tops and started ribbon candy-ing as if my life (and sanity) depended upon it:

I finished ribbon candy-ing my Squared Away Cutie Quilt.  This quilt was a delight from start to finish because PennyRose Coming Up Roses fabrics (affiliate link*) by Jillily Studio are just the happiest fabrics ever!  And Jill makes me just as happy in person.

Even though I ribbon-candied an entire quilt, I was still jittery.  Clearly I needed more cowbell ribbon candy:

Fortunately I had an unquilted Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt top just lying around, as one does.  I'm still ribbon candy-ing, but I have no idea if this quilt will be enough.  Just how many ribbon candied quilts will it take to feel like I'm me again, do you think?

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Pamela Arbour said...

I have to admit that it is a very gratifying quilting technique! Are you having trouble seeing the black on black? I do like how it looks.