Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Machine Embroidery Challenge -- part two

Last week, I shared a challenge that Lisa Archer from Pickle Pie Designs issued -- dust off my embroidery machine and USE IT!

I found her Modern Machine Embroidery book on my bookshelf and transferred the designs from the CD to my computer and then to a drive for my embroidery machine.

I opened it to the redwork section, and read it.  The book suggests stitching a redwork apple on a tea towel.  I don't have a fresh tea towel, but I do have quilting fabric.  I grabbed whatever tear-away stabilizer I had on hand, hooped my fabric and stabilizer, and stitched an apple (or two) on some quilting fabric.*

I tore away the stabilizer:

Now I'm dreaming of what to do with them.

What would you do with two lonely little redwork apples?
*Re-reading that, it sounds like it was easy.  It was not.  Let me share the rest of the story:

I am continually trying to clean my sewing room.  When I installed my design wall, I packed up all of my thread in boxes.  I put all of my embroidery thread into a single container... AND LOST IT!  So, an hour later, I found the embroidery thread hiding in an AQS tote bag from 2010 on the bottom shelf of my book case.  


Pamela Arbour said...

You could put them on a postcard! They are really nice. You did good for your first try. I used mine the other day and it has been so long since I used it that it was like starting over!

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