Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Grandma Got Busy

I just opened my hot-off-the-presses copy of Quilter's World Magazine containing my column about how machine quilting can change a quilt from stiff to snuggly

and I saw a project that I just had to make NOW!

I grabbed out some Kraft-Tex (my new favorite applique fabric) and made a plan.  The bags in the pattern were adorable.  And quick.  And easy.  And made with supplies I have on hand in abundance.  But I wanted to change the faces just a little bit.

I pulled out my Perfect Circles and my Bigger Perfect Circles and got to work making eyes and fins and spines from the Kraft-Tex.

I tried to turn one of these bags into a shark by changing to a side view and adding a fin.

Kind of shark-like?  Maybe just a generic fish.  I'll let the boy decide.

I tried again, this time thinking to make an alligator.

The other boy can decide what the green thing is.

I plan to fill these little bags with as much fun and yummy goodness as they'll hold so that the boys don't necessarily notice the "not life-like"ness of the creatures.

They can call their bags whatever they like, as long as they call me Grandma.

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