Thursday, August 22, 2019

Happy Little Things Block of the Month

If I had to describe this summer in three phrases, they would be:

1.  Broken collarbone
2.  Really, really hot
3.  Lots of travel

I don't feel like I had much fun quilting time this summer because of those same three reasons. 

It's still really, really hot this week but I am home and (mostly) recovered from my broken collarbone and it's TIME TO SEW!

I signed up to make Jacquelynne Steve's Happy Little Things free block of the month and finally was able to make the first block!

I chose to make mine in sold fabrics because I have some fun machine quilting plans.

Flying geese have always been a struggle for me, but Jacquelynne has a great tip for piecing them accurately.  Also, I tried out my new Folded Corner Clipper ruler:

I was able to line up the edges of my pieces, trim them, stitch them and press them.  I didn't have to mark each square and trim later.  It was WONDERFUL!

Are you signed up for Happy Little Things?  Why not?