Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Made This!

A long, Long, LONG time ago, before I learned to quilt, I made clothing.  Ball gowns, prom dresses, mother of the bride dresses, all of my own clothing, clothing for my children, and more.  Then I learned to quilt.

I don't think I've made more than five pieces of clothing since I learned to quilt and I know I've made only one in the last decade, so it was a BIG DEAL for me to cut into one of the many patterns I've purchased thinking "I should really make all of my own clothes again."

I present to you, Katelyn's Tunic:

(Please oh please notice my gorgeous Fluevog shoes!)

I cut out the pattern, cut out my fabric, and pulled out my unused-for-years-and-years serger.  I pulled out the directions for threading that beast serger:

I looked for buttons on it and tried to scroll, but this iPad didn't work for me.  Fortunately there was a threading diagram inside my machine.

I actually had fun while piecing this top!  When I tried it on and discovered it was uncomfortable on my upper arms, I had less fun.  I messed around and inserted a gusset under each arm:

It isn't the prettiest gusset ever, but if you are looking that closely at my underarms, you deserve what you see.

I plan to make this pattern in different fabrics in the future -- maybe a Katelyn Dress?  I will re-draft the pattern to make the arms more comfortable for me.

Stay tuned for the next addition to my wardrobe!


KathyD said...

What a lovely top. I used to make my boy's clothes, my clothes and all sorts of things. Even made my wedding gown. Then I started to quilt! Maybe I should pull out a pattern and see what I can make! I love that you were able to use your serger without any issues. I leave mine threaded so I can easily change the color. Now changing the needle(s) is a bit more of a pain, if you know what I mean! Good luck and enjoy your time sewing!

Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful top and the fabric is fabulous. I noticed your shoes right away. Wow.

DoohikeyDesign said...

I feel honored that you chose that print to make that adorable top! I’m gushing!!!

Darx said...

Looks fantastic and the shoes are WOW!

Pamela Arbour said...

I'm like you. I quit the garment making. It's cheaper to buy those clothes now than to make them. I'd much rather be quilting. However, I find clothes shopping to be a pain these days. I'm just not too fond of the styles, so I have been considering making my clothes too.
Congratulations. Your top looks nice and those shoes are perfect!

Kathleen Bell said...

Of course I noticed your shoes!! The entire outfit is just right for you. Great job.

Kathleen Bell said...

Of course I noticed your shoes!! The entire outfit is just right for you. Great job.

Michelle M said...

Amazing shoes!

Angie in SoCal said...

Love your outfit! And those shoes!! Sorry to hear about your broken collarbone. Get well soon!

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