Saturday, July 05, 2008

These are some favorite things:

One of my most favorite quilt shops: Quilt Basket

My most favorite lawyer with her favorite quilt evah:

Close-up of her most favorite quilt (at her insistence 'cuz she loves it that much):

The sample from my favorite Strips and Stones Club:

My favorite type of traffic jam (hurriedly taken from the car, so it's blurry and I only caught the last 2):

One of my favorite roadside attractions:

How many can you count? Good gravy, I think there must be 25-30 of them. Get it? Gravy? Turkey? Ahem. I think they just walk across our road all day long because we see them nearly every day.
My favorite nectar of the gods:
Caffeine-Free Diet Dr. Pepper. It's too bad they don't sell it anywhere near where I live. Boo.

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