Friday, October 14, 2016

Baby, Baby Oh Baby!

It's a boy!  And another boy!

I was privileged to watch a sweet girl grow into a lovely young lady and now I'm even more privileged to help celebrate her expected twin baby boys!

I made a quilt for this young lady when she graduated from high school.  I don't have a photo of the exact quilt, but this LINK will take you to a similar one.  Nearly 15 years later, she still lists this simple quilt as one of her most treasured belongings.

When she got married, I knew she would never share that quilt with her husband so I made a quilt for them to share LINK.  I am not convinced her husband has been allowed to use their wedding quilt, but that's between them!

Now that babies will make four, I needed quilts for these sweet boys to grow up with.  I found two perfect quilts hiding in my pattern sample stack and, for once, gave the presents in a timely manner!

Quilt one:

Quilt two:

The expectant mom and dad loved the quilts, and these quilts couldn't possibly have a better home!

Blessings to the happy family!


susan said...

Love the quilts pretty and love the differences between them. What pattern is the first quilt? Is it a cutie pattern?

Crystal_235 said...

Love the quilts.