Friday, October 21, 2016

Scrappy Sweet Tooth quilt

This summer, I opened up a beloved fat quarter pack of Pat Sloan's fabrics and have been slowly sewing my way through it ever since.

So far, I've made a

After all of these projects, I still had fabric left so I made a scrappy version of one of my Cutie Patterns, Sweet Tooth:

I made the border scrappy because I didn't have enough of any one fabric for a solid border.  I think that the scrappy border totally makes this quilt!

Another thing that made this quilt was ribbon candy.  I quilted lots and lots of ribbon candy into this quilt:

I was testing out a new-to-me thread, Master Quilter from WonderFil.  It worked GREAT!  Expect to hear more from me about this thread.

When I was searching for fabric for the backing, I pulled out the leftover bits from the backings of the other quilts in this series and stripped them together:

Adorable, right?

I still have fabric left, so expect to see even more projects!!!


mary nielsen said...

Such a happy quilt

Bobbie Miner said...

I love your quilt I may use the ribbon candy that's so fun. I love the colors you used also. I'm using orange and hope it looks as cute as yours.