Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Summer's End

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching some friends from my local quilt guild how to piece my Summer's End quilt:

I decided to make another copy of this quilt in neutral fabrics and stitch along with my friends.  After a day of stitching, this is how far I got:

Do you see all of those little triangle trimmings?  Please stop me before I decide to stitch them and use them in a new crazily miniature quilt.  PLEASE!

This quilt has approximately eleventy-thousand triangles.  I warned my friends that they were in for a lot of triangle trimmings, but they were good sports about it:

I don't often get to hang out with my local guild members because of my travels and I forget how much fun they are.  At lunch time, we played a round of "Left Right Center:"

An observant reader might notice that Hello Kitty fat quarter.  If you guess that one is from me, you'd be correct.

The winner of this game would take home between 30-40 fat quarters and while we were playing I kept chanting "Please don't let me win!  Please don't let me win!"

I didn't, but two happy quilters went home with bags full of new fabrics.

I can't wait until I get to hang out with these fun quilters again!

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Pamela Arbour said...

Oh, I love those neutrals. Sorry but I won't be the one to try to stop you from piecing those triangles. I try to make a habit of sewing on both sides of the line when I am doing flip triangle and HSTs. I am more likely to use them if I do that. I guess you were against a time frame when you made those.