Saturday, April 01, 2017

Help Wanted!

The time has come.  

I need to hire an assistant.  I'm working on a job description and wanted to run it by my readers first:

Help Wanted!

Job Title:  Hand Slapper

I need to hire help to work efficiently.  When I start to do something that is counter-productive to my personal or professional goals, my new employee needs to slap my hand and re-direct my energies

Scenario:  I try to buy new fabric “just because it’s pretty” rather than for a specific project
Job responsibility:  Slap the fabric out of my hand

Scenario:  I pull out fabric to start a new quilt
Job responsibility:  Slap the fabric out of my hand and firmly state “You need to finish what you are working on first”

Scenario:  I pick up a piece of chocolate
Job responsibility:  Slap the chocolate out of my hand.  (Hazard pay scale applies to this scenario)

Please join the team and help Debby Brown Quilts become more successful!


Doreen Auger said...

Ummmmmmmmmm....not sure that the "hazard pay" would be high enough (especially on that last one!!!)!!!!!!!! Good luck on your search......LOL!

Jacqueline said...

Ahhh what the heck we only go around once so if you want to buy more fabric, start off on a new journey of a quilt and eat chocolate while doing it, I say why not. Go for it.

FLR said... should be a HE/NOT-quilter....because a SHE/quilter would take your fabric home ;-) ;-)
Good luck! LOL!

allthingzsewn said...

After picking out the best applicant would you send the rest of the resumes to me please? Could use the saved time to go to quilt shop.

Sharon said...

I need one of those assistants too.

Liz Abel said...

April fool? We all know you new assistant would soon become an enabler because you are just too awesome
And new assistant would be converted under you influence. Assistants lucky day��
Elizabeth in pa

Vireya said...


familyquilter said...

LOL Love you sense of humor!!!!

Kerry said...

I just sat down with a coffee and almost choked it down when I read the job title (new laptop must be saved from splash zone)! Oh dear - so funny!

Would just like to point out that sometimes husbands can be just as bad in a quilt shop. Mine doesn't quilt but he likes the blingy fabric - Oriental/Asian fabrics with the pretty gold bits. Of course I don't need encouraging but it's helpful when I don't want him to notice my armful of other pretties.

I'm so sorry - I feel unable to assist you here. Although to save you from eating the chocolate I think I'm pretty good at wrestling it away and disposing of the evidence. Although the chocolate may melt in the struggle - in which case I've had plenty of practice at sticking my tongue down walnut whips or Cadbury's Creme Eggs (both of which have shrunk - very tricky manoeuvres involved there), so slurping up sticky fingers up to the elbows is a speciality.