Friday, March 31, 2017

Quilt Finish: Scrappy Baby Quilt

Sometimes, I make quilts that have to remain secret, but those secret quilts still have leftover bits of fabric that I want to play with.

This quilt was made from the leftovers from that nameless quilt:

It's a little baby quilt for one of the little babies I'm expecting this year.*  I quilted it using my Handi Quilter Fusion with Pro-Stitcher using a Linda V. Taylor dandelion design.  I used Dream Angel batting, like I do for my baby quilts, so it's nice and flat and densely quilted.

Backings have been a problem for me this year.  I've finished 27 quilts so far in 2017 and each quilt had a backing.  Shocking, right?  As I'm digging through my UFOs, some of them have backing fabric packaged with them, some I buy new backings for, and others I try to supply with backings from my stash.

For this quilt, I had some leftover fabric from the front and then some yummy orange fabric in my stash covered the rest of the back:

Even my non-quilting friends** like this sweet little quilt!
*2017 is the year of the baby, apparently
**Yes, I have non-quilting friends.  It surprises me, too.

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kupton52 said...

The baby quilt is adorable...I always love having "leftovers". This was a winning recipe! I especially like the's so nice when the back of the quilt is as much "fun" as the front.