Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wonderfil Long Arm Quilt Along 2017

I was tickled to be invited to participate in WonderFil's 2017 Long Arm Quilt Along.

My task is to make a small quilt sample using various types of thread throughout the year.  Oh, the possibilities!

This month's thread was Master Quilter.  I chose pink, because... Pink!  I used a pre-wound DecoBob soft pink bobbin so the back will be subtle and gorgeous.

What fabric should I use?
I pulled out several fabrics from my stash:

The brown is the backing.  That decision was easy.  The three choices I had for the front were a heavily dyed olive green solid, a very light green with a white polka dot, or a solid white.  I decided not to use a solid so the mint with the dot won!

What batting(s) should I use?
Since this quilt is all about the quilting I decided to use two battings -- Quilter's Dream Cotton as a bottom layer and Fairfield wool as the top layer -- to make the quilting POP!

Which machine should I quilt on?
I have several longarms, but since I adore Hazel, my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen, I decided to use that machine.  Oh what fun Hazel and I shall have this year!

Which design(s) should I quilt?
I adore quilting with rulers, so I decided that I would start with some straight lines:

I love the Handi Quilter Mini Scallop ruler for straight lines.  I use Handi Grip to make sure that the ruler doesn't slip while I'm quilting.

If one line is good, two lines are better.  Four lines, however, make me absolutely giddy!

If you want more information about quilting with rulers on a sit-down longarm, check out my DVD.

I needed to quilt in that 1 1/2" channel and since ribbon candy is the most perfect quilting design ever, I stitched a double-loop ribbon candy in the channel:

I teach how to stitch this pattern in one of my Craftsy classes (link is for $20 off retail price).

I use various tools to help me grip my fabric and the Steady Betty bands are great during these cold arthritis months when I can't stand to have gloves on my fingers but also can't grip a hoop.

I don't really have a plan for this entire quilt; it will evolve month by month.  For now, I have one long diagonal stripe of ribbon candy quilted and two large sections of unquilted possibility:

I can't wait to see what next month's assignment will be!

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Kerry said...

Ooh love the pink on green. Exciting to see how it evolves. :D