Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Do You Do, Dear?

When you find a barely started project in your sewing room that you aren't as fond of now as when you started it many moons ago, what do you do dear?*

I just found this quilt in my sewing room:

I started making a much larger version of my Petal Power tablerunner pattern and appliqued several leaves but then set it aside.

It's decision time.  Do I:

1.  Finish the applique and then quilt this 60"x72" quilt, wholecloth style
2.  Discard the applique and put these four yards of happy green fabrics with my other happy fabrics to be used in a happy project at a later date

I know what I'm probably going to do.  What would you do?
*One of my favorite books from my childhood is What Do You Do, Dear? by Maurice Sendak

5 comments: said...

Definitely #2

Brenda Barry said...

#2. Are the leaves on a 42" length of babric? Know anyone having or may have a baby? I'm think growth chart...

Laura Adams said...

Life is too short to do something that you don't love! Definitely #2

Pamela Arbour said...

I go with #2 as well, but I am thinking that since you have a table runner that you could salvage what you have already done and make something to go with the table runner?

Ann Dunn said...

I would probably fold the project up and stash it somewhere and make my decision at a later date. I know I would probably not make the effort to continue if I'm not happy with what I have but I would see in a few months if I'm still not liking it. Then if the leaves are easily removed, I would take them off and if not, cut around them then add a border to made blocks and use them in a scrap quilt.