Monday, March 06, 2017

My Happy Place: Never too much Light!

My sewing space is the family room of my house.  It has walnut paneling and walnut floors, so everything in there is dark Dark DARK!  I live in the woods along the Appalachian Trail, so even on the sunniest of days I get 4 hours of sun at most (the trees and mountains block the sun).  Basically, I sew in a cave.

I recently installed a design wall and now have no idea how I ever lived without it.  I lay out each block on the wall above my machine and piece it without worrying that I'll turn a square or triangle between the cutting table and the machine.  The problem with my design wall is that it's dark in that part of the room.  My sewing machine is in that same corner, so I'm piecing in the dark.


You can see in the photo how dark the top of my design wall is.  My sewing area is so bright now!   The photo doesn't show just how amazingly bright it is now.   I bought some wall mounted spotlights and will adjust them over time to find the perfect lighting angle for my piecing.

While I was thinking about lights, I replaced all of the dead bulbs in my overhead lights (3 of 12 were dead):

As they die, I'm replacing them with LED bulbs which are so much brighter!

I bought myself some LED magnifying clamp lights several months ago and they live on my cutting/work table:

I also have one of these lights in my living room where I do my hand stitching.

I have a few more ideas to improve the lighting in my sewing room, but I'm so overwhelmed with the improvement today that I sing "Ahhhhh (angel chorus)" every time I turn the lights on in here.

Have you made any lighting improvements in your sewing area?  Please share!  These old eyes of mine can use all of the help they can get!

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mary nielsen said...

I have a great IKEA lamp - flexible, skinny, bright light. It sits behind my machine and the flexible goose neck goes over the top of the machine.