Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Squared Away

Designing Cutie Quilts is so much fun!  I love to look at a range of 16 fat eighths of fabrics and discover what quilt they want to become.

One of my favorite Cutie Quilts is Squared Away.  I've likely made 10 of these (so far)!

I had some scraps left from another quilt and thought they would make a lovely Squared Away quilt, so I cut pieces from the scraps and some cream fabric found in my stash.  This was the result:

I only had enough fabric to make the quilt 42"x53", but that is the perfect size to bring comfort to the mother of a childhood friend.

I hope this cheers her!

(If you wonder why you keep seeing photos of quilts on my living room rocker, it is because that is the most reliable place to get morning light for a decent quilt photo.  It's the downside of living in the woods -- No light!)

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Crystal_235 said...

Love the quilt. And the quilting, I wish I could quilt like that!