Friday, January 06, 2017

First Finish of the Year: Le Jardin

I am excavating my sewing room and am unearthing quilt kits that I purchased a little while ago.  A little while ago, in this case, was in 2005.*

I give you LeJardin:

The fabric is Faded Memories by 3 Sisters for Moda.

Surprising no one, I quilted the neutral rectangles with ribbon candy:

I stitched leaves and loops everywhere else.

I used my FabuLux Rocking Horse thread in the needle and DecoBob taupe in the bobbin.

The stitching on the front of the quilt is beautiful, and the back blends perfectly!

I love finishing quilts.  This one is already winging its way to its forever home.  It will be a lifetime supply of hugs for someone dear.

Since I'm deep into "clean the studio" mode, once I finished this quilt, I had to start dealing with the scraps:

My favorite way to clean is to finish a project and then give it away, so I made a cute little pouch:

Isn't that adorable?

I couldn't make just one, so I made five:

This has the potential to become one of my favorite patterns.

*Just yesterday, really, if you think of things like wooly mammoths and dinosaurs.


Roni in the quilt room said...

Oh the old Moda University days.... I always loved those kits. Great use of your scraps from the quilt. Love making pouches. Nice work as always .... can't wait to see what else you find under the piles in your room. I have a Moda U quilt in my closet, almost all quilted... I guess you are inspiring me to pull it out. :).

Lisa said...

After listening to your live video on FB this week and reading about your finishes, I wondered how I could feel less intimidated about the almost 40 things on my to quilt list. I don't have hours of time to devote to my first love, so I picked the quilts I most want to finish for my 2017 challenge: