Friday, January 13, 2017

Quilt Finish: Lazy Sunday

I did it!  I finished another Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt!!  

Meet Lazy Sunday, whose pieced borders nearly did me in:

This quilt was gi-normous and I absolutely adore it!  This is the first Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that I did in yardage rather than scraps.  I'll likely continue to use scraps, but this yardage POPPED!

I had fun with the quilting, too:

The pattern is called Elements and I teach it in my Craftsy class (link has $20 off retail coupon).  I used my FabuLux Wisteria thread with a DecoBob bobbin.  The quilting holds the quilt together without distracting from the piecing pattern.

I have about seven more Bonnie Hunter UFOs.  I'd better get stitching!

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Vireya said...

Wow, what a stunning result! It is gorgeous, Debby.