Thursday, January 26, 2017

Resurrecting Bloom

Last year, I fell in love with the Bloom quilt by Lori Holt and decided to make it and to use needle-turn applique instead of machine applique just so it would take longer.*

Soon after beginning, this project was renamed "Abandoned Hand Applique Project #87" and was set aside.

Until now:

I pulled out all of my happy/bright fabric scraps, some plain white fabric for backgrounds, and my gorgeous applique thread.  I use WonderFil InvisiFil 100 weight polyester thread for applique.  It makes a gloriously invisible applique stitch and I love it!

I now know what my travel sewing project will be for 2017.  And now that I've said I'm going to finish this quilt, I won't set it aside again... right?

Hold me to this, quilters!
*While I was locating that link for you, I saw Lori Holt's adorable new applique quilt.  I have to start yet another applique project.  I. Have. To.

Don't judge me.

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