Friday, January 27, 2017

Quilt Finish: Golden Coins

I am blessed to call Pat Sloan a friend.  But this friend of mine is so bad for my productivity.  She shared a new pattern that is simply magical.  It inspired me to make one of my own (instead of finishing another UFO) so I pulled fabric from my scraps based on the theme of my beloved Steelers (no, I'm not going to talk about our loss to the Patriots):

I had a bag full of 2 1/2" black/white/gray scrap strips, so I really only had to look for the gold fabric.  This quilt pieced up very, very quickly:

Then it was time for the quilting.  I was trying to choose between FabuLux Cloudy Skies and FabuLux Midas Touch:

I decided to use BOTH, and am totally in love with the random length variegation in the ribbon candy:

I teach how to quilt the ribbon candy and the leaves in one of my Craftsy classes  -- link for 50% off retail.

My favorite quilt hanger is my snow-covered deck.  I only get to take a few quilt photos out there each year, so I'm excited to show this one:

I took a more traditional quilt photo as well:

As a devoted Steeler fan, making a quilt wasn't doing enough to root for my team.  I needed more black and gold in my life.  These fat eighths followed me home from the Quilt Basket last weekend:

I increased the black and gold by finding this lovely Bumblebee thread:

I finished my Cutie Scarves to Share scarf in time for Sunday's big game:

The bright yellow Hello Kitty purse completed my outfit.

I will give this quilt away (to someone who has no idea that it's a Steeler quilt) and pack away my Terrible Towel and other Steeler garb until next season.

Do any of you blend your sports and quilting passions?


Tish Stemple said...

With this quilt being called Golden Coins, I think you almost had to make this quilt, you are from PA...Steeler would be un-football-patriotic not to. I love making Blue and Gold quilts to honor my love for our West Virginia Mountaineers. I am from Mountaineer country and we bleed blue and gold :)

Brenda Barry said...

I love Blue & Silver and use those combinations a lot!! Go Dallas Cowboys!!!

Crystal_235 said...

I follow Pat Sloan's blog and every time she posts a new quilt I just want to start. I've started the solstice quilt along, have all kinds of ideas floating around for the cobblestone quilt, and have the coin one printed off. I'm really trying to get my Splendid sampler quilt done before I start anything else though.