Sunday, January 01, 2017

My First Logical Decision of 2017

Like many (most? all?) quilters, I am on a mission to clean out my sewing room in 2017.  Instead of heading out to buy more containers to organize my hundreds of projects, I decided to try and finish as many of them as I can.  Less has to be easier to clean and organize, right?

The first category of UFOs (unfinished objects) I plan to attck is my Block Of The Month quilts.  Without looking too hard, I found over a dozen block of the month projects in various stages of un-finished-ness.  I might have over two dozen, but I haven't dug deep enough to find them all yet.  I can't handle the truth!

Being overwhelmed by the work ahead of me, I did what any logical quilter would do:   I signed up for a few new Block of the Months.  How could I resist?

Pat Sloan has two new block projects:

182 Day Solstice Challenge


Children's Library

I have a few others in mind that I might join, but haven't decided yet.  Do you know of any others I absolutely HAVE to join in?

I made my first 182 Day Solstice block today, the Churn Dash:

I just dug into my scrap bin and pulled out some red and white fabrics.  I think I will make all of the blocks in happy colors and whites from my scrap bin.  I have so many scraps and I'm happy to use some of them!

I will post beginnings and endings of each project here on my blog, but will post my Block Of The Month progress daily on InstaGram.  Follow me there @debbybrownquilts


Helen Rosenberger said...

Good luck! I am on the same mission!

Jacqueline said...

I think as quilters we have a sickness. I was not going to buy any more fabric until I made at least a small dent in what I have. Yep went shopping with 4 friends yesterday and came home with yards of fabric. Oh well.

Angie in SoCal said...

It's nice that through social media people can follow you at Instagram, but some of us don't have smart phones so we miss out. Hope you will consider a weekly BOM posting here on your blog - maybe just photos to keep us up to date.

Roni in the quilt room said...

I am doing both of those sew alongs. And I bought a Cutie pack in red and white... You are ahead of me, I didn't make my blocks yet. Tomorrow morning! LOL

Pamela Arbour said...

I am in the same boat with you. Organizing my sewing room and my UFOs and fabric. I keep talking myself into and out of buying the containers for the projects since I already have nearly 30 of them and I could reasonably use 30 more but how long will it take me to sew them up? Maybe it is reasonable to buy the containers? It's a hard decision.


Kerry said...

It's all your fault Debbie! ;) In my quest to break down my stash I thought oh well why not join in too. I do get newsletters from Pat but originally thought maybe another time. And then I read your newsletter. It's certainly one way to make sure I complete something!

Happy New Year!

Crystal_235 said...

I'm planning on starting the 182 day solstice challenge soon. I would love to join in the mystery quilt too, but I don't have the fabric for it and I'm really trying to get a few projects done with before I start too many.