Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Living With Quilts: Arbor bed quilt

I like big quilts and I cannot lie.

My first quilt was a bed quilt and even now, thousands of quilts later, I still have trouble making little quilts.  I always have a quilt on my bed and rotate them due to season or mood.

My current bed quilt:

(Next time I'll move my iPhone charging cord out of the photo --  oops!)

This is an early version of my Arbor pattern.  I've made several versions and several sizes as I perfected the pattern for publication.

Some might say that I overdid the ribbon candy, but in my opinion that is impossible!  If you want to learn ribbon candy, I teach ribbon candy in one of my Craftsy classes.  Link for 50% off retail price of class.

The fabric is from Lonni Rossi.  I fell in love with that border print and absolutely had to have it.  Had to.  Have it.  Without question.

When the weather changes or my mood changes, I'll change my bed quilt.  Until then, I get to wake up to this beauty!

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