Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Place: A Delight to My Ears

Last week, I improved the lighting in my sewing room as a treat to my eyes; this week, I'm delighting my ears!

One of my greatest joys in life is listening to books while quilting.

I get a lot of books on CD from my library, but I also download audiobooks from my library's website.  I have an Audible account, too, that I use when I want to listen to a book that the library doesn't have.  Sometimes, when I can't concentrate on a book, I listen to a TV show or a movie on Netflix.

I love my wireless headphones.  They link via bluetooth to my laptop computer which plays CDs on an external disc drive.  I actually have a spare pair of these headphones purchased when the sale was too good to pass up, just in case these die.   I even carry all of these parts with me in my carry-on luggage when I travel and plan to quilt in my hotel room!

My entire media setup is on a sitting/standing laptop stand/desk, so it doesn't take up room that could be better used for storing fabric (more likely UFOs).

Do you watch TV or listen to music/books while quilting?  What technology do you have in place to make this work for you?


LadySchep said...

YES! I also find much joy in listening to books whenever my eyes are busy. Mostly in the car, but also when I'm quilting. I have a little Bose Bluetooth speaker that I use in the house that's great for when I need to be able to hear other things going on around me. I will also use my Bose Quiet Comfort Bluetooth headphones when I'm the one that needs to be quiet. Both are pretty pricey, but I am definitely getting my money's worth out of them. I always get excited when I find fellow audiobook lovers!

Lisa said...

Janet Evonovich! Such silly fun! I've read or listened to most of her books :D

BJ said...

I have to have background noise when I'm sewing, so I switch between audiobooks and Hulu or Amazon Prime video binges. I have that same wireless headset plus a few other wireless backups and wired earbuds. I use an old Samsung Note II for Hulu because it fits right next to me at my sewing station. I have a desktop for Amazon Prime video, but it's about 10 feet away. The Note II, being just an oversized phone, is quite portable for Hulu and Audible, so the setup can go on trips with me. And if Hulu or Audible let me down, there's always Pandora 😉. We take our inspiration where we can.