Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilt Finish: Chai Tea Latte

Two weeks ago, Pat Sloan posted The Coffee Shop block in her 182 Day Solstice Quilting challenge.  I was at a quilt show, so I had to wait 6 entire days to start stitching her block into this quilt:

I looked at her pattern and screamed (to myself, since I was in an airport*) "Ribbon Candy!"  I thought that the ribbon candy would add great texture to this quilt, and I think it did!

I added two borders to Pat's pattern (The Coffee Shop) and my Chai Tea Latte quilt is approximately 53"x53"

I'm in a neutral fabric phase right now, so expect to see a lot more quilts from me with little contrast:

I'm enjoying letting the quilting provide the contrast in my quilts.  I am using an oatmeal-colored thread so that it contrasts ever-so-slightly with the cream fabrics but still blends with the caramel loosely-woven fabric, too.

I've never been accused of being subtle, but I'm so enjoying playing with subtle contrasts in my quilts!

*Can you imagine the reaction if I suddenly screamed "Ribbon Candy!" out loud in an airport?  I don't even want to think about it!


Crystal_235 said...

Love the quilt, and the quilting!

Jacqueline said...

Simply elegant.

Mary Hamilton said...

Love the quilt AND the Ribbon Candy!!!

Kati said...

It is a gorgeous quilt Debby! And yes, the ribbon candy makes it even more beautiful

Kerry said...

I opened up your page and immediately went "wow!" out loud. Yes to the ribbon candy! Looks lovely all together.