Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Quilt Con Recovery: The Fiber Cure

I had an exhausting week at Quilt Con.  Early morning wake-ups (cough*2:30am*cough) to catch flights as well as working long hours in the classrooms daily left me a bit drained today, my first day at home.  I wanted to get caught up on a bit of sewing, but something shiny distracted me when I started to make last week's Solstice Challenge block.


So I accidentally pieced the entire Coffee Shop quilt and forgot to make the single block that I actually needed to make for my Solstice Challenge!  When my Handi Quilter Stitch 510 and I get together, we always get ourselves into trouble like this!

I'm thinking of adding a 1 1/2" brown border and then a 4 1/2" cream print border to make this quilt 54"x54".  What do you think?

Apparently I'm still in my neutral/low-volume/blended quilt phase.  Whatever you call it, I see no end in sight.

I absolutely can't wait to quilt this quilt.  Shocking no one, there will be ribbon candy.


Tish Stemple said...

You accidentally pieced an entire quilt, I'm dying laughing over here. How do we do it??? It's so easy to get distracted by squirrels! Don't feel bad, I have been avoiding doing the Solstice challenge since it's started (I'm doing Children's Library and the Aurifil blocks, plus like 4 other QAL's). I've finally looked at all your pretty blocks enough, I fell off the wagon, and while everyone was Quilt Con-ing this weekend, I pieced ALL the blocks so far :)

John Kubiniec said...

Why not put just a Cream Colored border on the quilt - it will make it look like everything is sort of just floating.

Crystal_235 said...

Love it, even though it accidentally happened! LOL!

Pamela Arbour said...

Looking forward to the quilting. Surely there will be more than ribbon candy?

I get sidetracked and do a little squirrel chasing myself. It's fun!