Monday, April 03, 2017

Operation Happy Place: A Cut Above

I was at QuiltWeek in Lancaster Pennsylvania last week.  I promises myself not to buy quilty things that will make my sewing room more crowded and I'm happy to report that I kept that promise.  I did shop, though, but it was a planned purchase.  I have a New Cutting Board!

 Doesn't this pink board just scream "I belong in Debby's sewing room"?  I think so.

Here's my before:

Admit it -- the pink is much better, right?  It also will make smoother cuts since these two green boards were old and worn out.

I'm only home two days this week before I leave for another quilt show, but I'm going to enjoy this pink addition to my cutting room every second of each of those two days!


Crystal_235 said...

I love the pink cutting mat!!

Pamela Arbour said...

I agree. The pink board looks much better. I need to replace my green was as well. I just keep putting it off.

Renee Galloway said...

I, too, love the pink! What is the brand and where can we find it?